Monday, October 31, 2011


the letter from Grandma Smith that took her over 2 1/2 hours to write

the letter from Aunt Dottie and the ways she makes me laugh and how she loves me and encourages me

a portfolio put together

a cold lingering in my sore throat (Why this week of all weeks?  We don't know...)

two intense conversations with my sisters today when we haven't spoken at length in months, and I love
them, pray for their peace

talking to Mom on the phone

friends celebrating our NEWNESS each day

friends with animal crackers and candy

friends willing to step out of their comfort zone and lend a hand for a big project

friends who write recommendation letters that make you feel both proud and shy at the same time

Nora's blue sky doggie costume and how she loves and how she is growing up in ways that I am just catching up to

for fall days like today, the kind I wished for as a kid, so I wouldn't have to wear a coat over my costume
for sleep

1 comment:

  1. And beautiful little girls in blue halloween costumes. Wow. Just wow. Look at us. Look at you. Look at what we DID, Lisa (a girl a piece).

    I tell you what, I'm going to dream about our swings tonight. I remember how you'd always take the crooked one with the uneven seat. And for so long I didn't realize what that meant until I sat on it one day and thought, "this is kind of uncomfortable."

    Funny what we remember. Even then you were generous and kind and I was kinda clueless, lost in my own world. I was a pretty "lost" kid in a lot of ways.

    But I always had you, and Cinderella, and the cat from outer space, and wonder womanan and the bionic woman, and scooby doo and glenwood canyon full of gems. We could still sell them. On Ebay.

    There's always someone who needs gems, right?

    Meandering nostalgia for the win.
    This is what happens when I'm late for bed.

    Love, love, love.