Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Name Them

Being trusted with the challenge.  Be courageous.  Do not be easily dismayed.

The way God makes paths for us to find each other.

The way a breeze comes through the screen door, the sound of trees moving, His presence in His creation.

Good news in the lives of those I love.

Songs written.  The ukuleles must be tuning.

All the teachers trying and taking and giving and trying again.  Swimming and swimming.

Moms everywhere giving their days and nights to their children.  Children thriving, learning love.

Simplifying because confusion doesn't come from God.  Walk with the wind.  Walk with the wind.

Cute haircuts.  I need one.  (See, this is why I don't watch TV.  I start thinking I need things.)

Laughing with mom about Betty White and tough kittens.  That's all I'm going to say.


  1. Yes. Name them. And, like I said, put the lipstick on, the dress, the shoes and let go. Feel how lovely you are remembering that the hardest stuff has been done for you. Peace.

  2. You know, Shay styles hair. And works for free. Or a jar of those dilly beans things.

  3. LOL to Ben! I'd do just about anything for the dilly beans, too! :)