Saturday, March 3, 2012

What We Played Today

Saturday is, to Nora's despair, housekeeping day.  While I wash floors, she plays Dinosaur Train with the chairs lined up in the living room, placing a passenger on each chair.  We make tickets for the carnivores and the herbivores (so they get the right snacks), and she delivers plastic drumsticks and pickles using her handy-dandy grocery cart.  

"You know some kids wear their hats backwards, Mom.  Like this."

Later we transformed the living room into a dinosaur hospital complete with kitchen.  I found the pretend muffins and plastic chocolate cake thrown on the floor.  "Did you need these, Nora?"  "Um, Mom.  Those aren't healthy snacks."  I guess she has been listening...not to me, but, you know, public service announcements.

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