Friday, March 16, 2012

A Lot of Life Happened Today

We woke to find our new friend Feathers lying on the bottom of his cage.  Nora cried and I held her while we sat on the edge of the bed.   Then we put light jackets on over our pajamas, our boots on our bare feet, and we grabbed shovels, mine from the garage and Nora's from the sandbox.  We buried Feathers in the pine trees and said a prayer thanking him for choosing to spend his last few days on earth with us.  When we came inside, Nora painted a picture of him and told me her favorite memories about him--that he was a good bird and landed straight on the perch.  

Nora is doing okay now, but it was a little rough, as you can imagine.  We're going to drive back to Earl May's tomorrow and adopt one of his siblings.   Spending a couple of days with this little fellow convinced both of us that there is a lot of room in our hearts for a bird.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I hope Nora (and you) are doing okay now. It's amazing how a pet can have so much of our heart after even just a few hours. Praying for you both and your new friend. :)

  2. :(

    It's so brave of Nora to be ready for more vulnerable bird-love. She has a big heart. Not surprising, considering whose she lives with & learns from.