Monday, March 5, 2012

All Things Must Break Open to Grow

In three days, life breaks from the seeds we buried.  Weightless jewels more precious than diamonds carried on the wind, in packets across oceans, prairies, generations, one after another--a chain of triumph over the darkness below.  This is a miracle to me.

And this is the business of allowing our hearts to glow, break free, be carried willingly to the next heartbreak and the next dance and the next song and the next glowing beyond the small shell of this self  breaking open into God's light and way.  And when I looked into my heart, the light I saw there remade me completely into a glowing thing I could learn to love.  This unfurling above the surface is always so surprising to those who are used to so much stillness and quiet peace below.   I wonder that I don't break into more spontaneous song-making.  Do you, too?

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