Monday, March 26, 2012

Is it too late in the day to start Spring cleaning?

1.  Nora just fell asleep.  It's 9 PM, and I'm wide awake--the kind of awake that says, "If you wanted to, you could wake up tomorrow to a completely clean house, four loaves of banana bread, 36 pumpkin muffins, and a clean refrigerator."  There is another voice that says, "Lisa.  Lisa.  Watch another Hallmark movie.  Crochet.  Eat.  Lounge."

2.  The place is cleaned up except for the garden, which is my dumping ground for dead leaves and branches until Lynn brings the gator around and hauls them to the burn pile.  The asparagus is up already, and the patch I planted three years ago is starting to show some promise.  (It takes two years to get to a harvest--talk about learning patience...)  Nora and I have started transplanting the seedlings into dixie cups (punch holes in the bottom for drainage--I was doing this individually until Nora said, "Mom.  Watch this."  She stacked 5 or 6 cups together and punched through all of them at once.  That's my girl.)  I'm showing a little yellowing in the eggplant and am hoping that by providing some new soil, they can spring back from the nutrients they're lacking.  I'm so happy with the difference between this year and last year's seedlings.  The fluorescent lighting works wonders.

3.  I have a hard time just sitting, so I crochet dishrags while I watch my Hallmark movies.  Aside:  Let me explain something about the Hallmark thing.  These are movies with plots so predictable, you can look at the cover and pretty much know what's going to happen.  I've been shooting a 3 out of 10 when it comes to guessing what the next line is going to be.  These aren't challenging movies--they don't make me think that hard.  They don't challenge any of my assumptions about myself or society.  Sometimes I just need to watch something that reminds me that problems (even imagined, predictable ones) have real solutions.  I need movies right now where love wins every time, and where you have to build the house you live in out of materials readily available in nature.

Watch and repeat:  Love is possible.  You have everything you need.  Also, be sure to add "help at a barn raising" and "tame wild horses" to your bucket list.

Ila's gifts...

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