Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pretty Boy in the House

1.  Our wild little bird "flew" through the first three steps of training today and will sit on Nora's finger.  He poofs out his feathers as a sign of contentment.  We had to take a short bath time break mid afternoon, so Nora could take a breather.  She has been brought to tears, to laughter, to anger, to frustration, to elation in the course of the day's "work."  She fell asleep almost instantly with a few tears, saying she just loves him too much.  Welcome to parenthood, Nora.  Or should I say parrothood?  Forgive me. 

2.  My membership in the minivan mom club has almost expired.  Gone are the days of hauling hay bales in the backseat, of the driver's window not rolling down, of expecting 8 to 12 kids someday all with sippy cups and personal DVD players.  We need a truck.  Stay tuned.

3.  This week off has been so good, and the weather has accelerated my sense of wellness with the world, too.  The seedlings are sturdy.  The blackberry bush is pruned.  So are the roses, and the pussy willow is in bloom now.  The front and back doors stay open all day, and the house still smells of the breeze.

4.  It's time to eat everything in the deep freeze before the next growing season starts again.  I see lots of sweet corn in my future.  There's enough food left from canning and freezing to last another 3 months.  I should start some lettuce outside now, too.

5.  This peace I've been feeling since the light shifted and the wind turned warm and the seeds started sprouting fills my heart.  And having a bird in the house is such a great excuse to sing to him constantly.  So I fill up the slow cooker with everything God gave us from the earth last year and hum a song to our pretty boy.

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