Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Live from New York, It's Nora!

Mrs. B has shared a couple of gems involving Nora and Mrs. B's son, the one Nora might marry.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Anyway, they're working through some fairly complex issues early in the relationship, so I foresee smoother sailing later on down the road.

Nora:  What's your superpower?
D:  I don't have a superpower.
N:  Yes.  Yes, you do.  Everyone has one.
D:  I don't have one.
N:  But you have love.  That's a superpower.  God gives everyone a superpower.
D:  I don't have that one.
N:  Yes you do.  (crossing her hands over her heart)  Look in your heart.  That's where it is.
D:  I still don't have it.
N:  Okay, we're just going to have to talk about this again when we're grown up.  That means you have a lot a lot a lot a lot of time to think about it.

And another:

D:  I want to be spiderman when I grow up.
N:  Okay, but you can't use your spider powers in the house.
D:  But I want to use my spider powers in the house.
N:  Okay, you can use your prayer powers inside the house and your spider powers outside of the house.
D:  But I want to use them inside the house, too.
N:  Well, it sounds like you are just going to have to decide what is more important to you.


  1. That second one sounds very similar to the type of arguments Shay and I have. Are you sure these two aren't married already?