Saturday, January 7, 2012

Counting Them

A Saturday cake recipe from Maryjane farms.  The blueberries settling to the bottom are some kind of magic.  Finishing the day with the last load of laundry spinning now.  Watching cooking shows and folding.  Jotting recipes while matching socks.  Thinking of ways to incorporate more fruits, veggies and exercise:  fruit bowl, here we come.  Realizing how much better I feel if I simply stand up a little straighter. Talking to Nora about God.  I ask when she has felt warm and safe, when life is easy.  "An easy life is a hard life," she says.  I know exactly what she means.  Waking to watch the sunset.  Bible study and compassion epiphanies (thanks Renea, for the book that keeps on making itself useful in my life!)  Just one more class to polish and I'm ready to go (I think).  A gardening class in February to look forward to.  Talking to my Grandma Smith for over an hour and half tonight and how much I have been blessed by her.

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  1. So many wonderful blessings. :) See you soon!