Wednesday, January 18, 2012

God at Work

People writing. 
Hearing your folks laughing in the living room while you fall asleep in your bedroom.
Friends with generous motives.
Friends who will argue with you.
Your kid giving you a kiss.
Chuck Norris endorsed laundry soap.
Playing ukulele while the kids play with kittens.
Moms eating lunch off of the leftovers and sandwich order mistakes. 
My mom's chili.
Making a coil pot with Nora.
Loading a banjo into your car.
Feeling less nervous about teaching.
Students who write better than you do.
Buying groceries.
Finding love all over the place.
Realizing that you could start the broccoli seed next month.
The peace that passes all understanding.
Worship that grows from love.


  1. this...this makes me really happy. :)

  2. Understanding passed through smiles.
    A banjo mystery.
    Something little that moves something big.
    His Word knowing what you need.