Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giving Thanks

Lunch dates at the country club and easy, warm conversations meandering through new relationships, sewing them together, brothers and sisters in Christ.

Mom's way of playing with Nora and the books she and Nora have written when I return home about friendly sharks and making friends.

The space I'm sitting in at the library and the shelf of magazines I can check out and take home to read  like a treasure chest:  Grit and Horticulture and Garden Design and Country Gardens and Garden Gate.  The fireplace and the low gong of the grandfather clock and I wonder how many have made this a little getaway as I have.

How bread turns golden and how fields look like waves and for thinking about what I want to do in my classes this semester, my plan to learn with them.

And for sentence fragments, the luxury of a comma splice, the incomplete

For freedom.


  1. I was at the library today, too! Sitting in the same fireplace room! So sad I missed you.

  2. I love that fireplace room at the library.

    You were so close to our house! Next time you're downtown, do come upstairs and see if we're home. :) I mean it.

    I made bread yesterday with a friend, and then we and our husbands feasted on it. Isn't there something wondrous about making bread?

    I love all of this. And you. <3