Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Don't Have It All Together But Sometimes It Feels Like I Do

When the laundry is cooling in the drawers, still warm, wrinkle free.  When the refrigerator is full again and the bills are paid.  When you're not runnin' on empty when you get into the minivan to run into town.  When you mop the floor and pay the bills and run the rent check out back and put it in the mailbox beside the grain bins.  When you file your taxes and buy your daughter a new toy.  When you register for kindergarten and pay for a couple of magazine subscriptions.  When you add two more children to your Compassion family.  When you've got your lesson plans ready and half the book read (the third time through).  When you bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, give thanks for it, eat it, and then wash the pan. When your little one is sick and the vaporizer is billowing steam and the children's tylenol is working and the warm wash cloth soothes her eyes.  When your friends are writing songs and raising kids and teaching classes and praying with you.  When the farm cats are fat and fluffy and two of them will almost let you pet them now after regular morning feedings out the back door.  When you've got poems in your hand and poems in your heart.  When you don't care about being famous anymore.  When you pile your hair up on top of your head and call it good.  When all you need is a little red lipstick and a packet of seeds.  When you feel Spring thinking about showing up sometime soon.  When none of your library books are overdue and you're current on your immunizations. When people stop into your office just to talk.  When you've woken and prayed and read and written. 

And when Paul says he is unmoved by circumstance, I wonder if my sense of peace right now has fit itself around me because my ducks seem to be in some sort of row or if I've finally learned how to see God in every when, in every where.  Lord, still my vision in this direction, a way of seeing Your hand in mine the whole way through.

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  1. Such a nice feeling, isn't it? Getting all those things taken care of. I want to keep learning "how to see God in every when, in every where." I love that.

    Hope Nora feels better...hope the kitties will let you pet them...yum, bacon.