Monday, January 9, 2012

Counting Them Again (The Garden is Full of God's Goodness)

Nora paints blue a piece of driftwood shaped like a heart, wraps it, and gives it to me today.  "Are you crying the tears of joy, Mommy?"  Yes.

The nervousness of the first day of class.  Thanking God each time I feel it, thanking Him for the chance to grow beyond where I am comfortable into a space filled with His love and the people He has called, is calling.

A fruit bowl placed.  An apple eaten.  A chore chart and Nora helping herself to her own healthy snack drawer in the fridge.  Little things with big repercussions. 

Time flying at the Bronco Spur as I prepare.

A gift sent from a friend, something to listen to that will keep my heart focused tonight as I try to sleep.

Sleepytime tea.

Preschool teachers with immense patience.  Mothers with immense patience.

Teaching Nora the difference between sweet words and sour words.  A spoonful of honey.  A tiny drop of vinegar, which she spits out immediately.  We eat our words, bitter or sweet, as they come from our mouths, leave their taste in another's heart.  I see her connect with the idea, and it is put into practice the rest of the day, a day filled with honey.

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  1. Praying for another honey tasting day for you and Nora. Even the big wind can't blow sweetness away.