Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Biggie

And when you get in the car after rushing your daughter through her bath and settling for one clean ear so you can renew your Nebraska plates before the office closes, and you have everything you need except...a current copy of your car insurance, well, no biggie.

And when you look back and realize that your daughter's bangs aren't as straight as you thought when you cut them, but you're already on your way into town so she can see her dad.  No biggie.

And then you take a load of books and pictures and a 50 pound typewriter with your initials on it to your office, and the door that leads directly to the basement is locked permanently for the summer, and you walk the extra mile around Weller, down the stairs after opening 3 different doors while balancing boxes on your hip, and you get to the second to last load, and you pull the door and it won't budge and you realize you're locked out with 50 pounds of books teetering, sweat fogging up your eyes, and you feel a little like saying words that would make your mom sad (Hey, Mom--Let me know if I can actually say a few words in circumstances like this, and I'll let fly.)  Well, no biggie.

And when the only writing utensils you have to mark the things off your grocery list are a paper clip and a black crayon and you get the squeaky wheel cart and you're still sweating from moving boxes, and your hair is sticking up funny, which you won't realize until you get in the car again and peek in the rearview to find you've been replaced by a sweaty extra from Sesame Street.  No Biggie.

When you end up getting take-out and eating your supper in your car in the Sunmart parking lot because you're intimidated by the waitress at the Chinese restaurant who wonders why you're there alone...  Well, that is actually sort of big.

Ah.  Life.  There were so many opportunities today to become discouraged.  And I was a few times.  But, that passed.  And I secretly knew it would the whole time, so it wasn't so bad while it was happening.

I'm actually really excited to go to sleep so I can try again tomorrow.  Do-over!


  1. :( I wish I could give you a GREAT BIG HUG right now!!! And please...next time you even CONSIDER eating supper in the Sunmart parking lot on a 100-degree day...give me a call and come over. Or don't call and just come over. I live right here!! On the Square!! I could have fed you supper, too (if you had stopped by about 7:45, we ate late). There was plenty for one more.

    I love you. God loves you. I hope today is a fantastic one!! <3 <3 <3

  2. I love that you didn't let yourself be overwhelmed by discouragement. You're such a spunky, upbeat gal...with an amazing ability to hold your tongue against floods of bad words.

    This young grasshopper has much to learn from you, friend.

  3. I love that you ate in the Sunmart parking lot. Excited and blessed that you graced us with your presence. But our doors are open during the day. I'd have let you eat in the break room. ;)