Sunday, August 21, 2011

Left With 24 Hours Before School Starts, Mother Daughter Team Avoid End of Summer by Rearranging Furniture, Building "Volcano of Love," Sewing Smurfette Doll

A Farm, Nebraska--With only a few sweet hours left in summer vacation, local mom and daughter "Mommy and Nora" teamed up today to blow caution to the wind, shirking all school-related responsibilities and avoiding any school related worries in a 10 hour home remodeling, human science experiment, doll sewing frenzy.  While the two are exhausted (and though "Mommy" did actually complete the final stages of planning for the first day of classes this Tuesday at Concordia), they don't regret a single moment spent being pajamas-all-day wearing, two-dessert-eating TLC wannabe hombodies.

When asked how she feels about the upcoming school year, Nora replied, "It's fine."  Her mom had a few more words to share, explaining that "it's easy to think this is going to end once school starts, but Nora and I both enjoy the different seasons we encounter during the year, especially Nacho Season.  That's coming soon, right?"

Nora builds a human "volcano of love" while rearranging furniture.

Mother and daughter were able to move a cumulative total of over 857 pounds of furniture today.  While Nora is a bit on the "wimpy" side (she's only four, after all) she did help by riding on top of anything her mom was moving and pointing in the direction the piece of furniture had to go while yelling, "I'm on a boat!  I'm on a boat!  Paddle faster, Mommy!"

In short, today was smurfy.


  1. It all looks fantastic. Would you be up for some company this weekend?

  2. Impressed and missing you.

  3. I LOVE how the living room looks! Excited for class tomorrow. :)

  4. Wow, the living room looks so inviting and peaceful. Well done!