Monday, August 15, 2011

A Day in the Life: Nora

Watching Pingu in bed while drinking Ovalteen (aka Kid Coffee).

Putting cover-up on the bottoms of her feet so they wouldn't be so pink.  Agreeing to wear socks so as not to leave footprints around the house.

Another refrigerator magnet poem written.

Helping her mom clean the gutters and unbend the pieces using "real pliers" while wearing a tutu.

Swinging.  Lots of swinging.

Pizza for lunch (at least 4 slices)

Negotiating for a lunch in front of the TV if she promises to eat supper at the table.  Documents signed.

Making an airplane to take Zoobles from their home to the tiny pony land on the other side of the living room.  "Why, you're little ponies!"

Climbing up the steps on the outside of the rail while yelling to her mom to stop hanging laundry and come inside and put on that video about how markers are made.

Standing in the middle of the garden and yelling, "You have enough blackberries.  Come inside and help me build a little pony land!"

Watching Diego with her mom and eating chocolate chip cocoa cookies, wiping hands on couch cushion and sweeping crumbs into crack.  Mom ignores sudden disappearance of crumbs, secretly relieved that some future version of herself would have to clean up the mess.  But not this version.

Tickling.  "I LOVE tickling!"

Blowing kisses out the screen door at Teagan as she walks away to her car.

Sitting on pretend eggs.  Cheeping.  Making chicken arms.

Bedtime stories:  The Ernie and Bert Book, Mama Cat Has Three Kittens, Petunia, When is Saturday?, Story of God's Love

Snuggling until she falls asleep.


  1. I LOVE this. All of it. You have a delight of a daughter, and she has a wonderful mother. Hugs and love to both of you!!

  2. (I thought I felt something pleasant hitting the back of my head)