Friday, August 26, 2011


A Smurfette puzzle at Et. Cetera
4 "new" butter knives for .35
Playing animal surgery/remove the tag with Nora this morning before school
How quickly the flowers recover after drinking a gallon of water.
How the cats lounge on the concrete slab until I bring them the leftovers from the day before.
Tossing lost and found items between cars in the preschool parking lot.
Frog stickers for jobs well done.
Nora's hug and kiss as she leaves her friend Daniel, "See you next time we're at school!"
Difficult revelations and sitting in the rocking chair at the end of the day letting go when no one can hear me.
A first week at school.  How exhausted I am.  How good it is to work even though it's hard.
Nachos and reading at the Bronco Spur.  Her company and listening heart.
Mom telling me she loves me.  I need this daily.
Plans to be in the garden tomorrow.
Salsa to freeze.  Rhubarb crisp to make.  Banana bread.
Being able to buy what I need.
Vintage push mowers.
Friends writing dissertations and songs and blogs and taking pictures and publishing poems.
Prayer.  Constantly.  Who is He?  A boat in which I sail through life, carried, rocked to sleep.
Being able to answer caller questions on the Backyard Farmer correctly.  "Well, that looks like your everyday garden spider...ah!  Yep.  Erratic watering.  You can hand weed anything but you'd be better off..."
A picture of my friend from a long, long time ago.  She's got a ten gallon hat, sitting on a horse, wearing a Western shirt, a gold trophy in one hand that's almost as tall as she is.  Suddenly remembering how we would play on the horse walker at her house, hooking the cinch on, riding around and around on our bellies as if we were flying.
Sitting on the couch.  I like that.  It's simple.
Friends telling me to rest.  I like having an excuse to sit still.  (See above mention of couch.)

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