Monday, August 22, 2011

First Days of School

Like last year, Nora stood beside the St. Paul sign before she entered the building, her mom snapping a couple of photos on her ancient, silver camera.  So much has changed in a year, yet here we are in the same place.  Isn't that miraculous?  It isn't the place that changes.  WE change.  And in our transformation, we are given new eyes and the familiar world is renewed and reawakened.  Yes, you have been here before, and no, you've never been here before.  God has made for each one of us such a complex "self" with which to see  this glowing life.  We are, in fact, deep people because that is how were were made, made to reflect the Creator who loves without end, beyond depth, infinitely deep.

So here are the pictures from last year and this year:

I love her.

My first day of classes is tomorrow.  I have written something I will share with each of my classes this semester. (I have five!  Please pray for me!)  But, I will save it for tomorrow night because many of you reading may actually be in class tomorrow, and I wouldn't want to repeat myself.  (Haha!  I'm always repeating myself, but that's okay.  There are simply obvious patterns that develop, rhythms we seem to gravitate toward.  I, for instance, love 5/8.  So does Paul Simon.  In that sense, we are one and the same.)

Here's to seeing the new in the old.


  1. Now I'm REALLY excited for class tomorrow. :) :) :)

  2. I love the comparison! I should post them, too. I have photos of each year for Kate and now starting the same thing for Hannah. They better never get rid of that sign! :)