Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Can Tell

1.  A day at home cleaning the house after church while listening to Sufjan Stevens.

2.  Peach and jalapeno jam.  Sugar.  Vinegar.  Sweet and spicy.  I can tell 7 half-pints won't last longer than a week.

3.  I can tell something is brewing.  Turned inward.  Thinking stuff.

4.  The sunflowers behind the house are as tall as I am, yellow heads so heavy they droop in midday narcoleptic postures, and the bees come up from below, tell them to lift their chins another day for their sake.

5.  A garden hose wrapped up for the last time.  The tomatoes, I am hoping, still have another month in them.

6.  I will admit that the end of the season is sometimes hard to accept.  This is a gentle way of saying it.  I can tell you that I need the pull of weed, hope of seed, obvious growth, rhythm and silence and movement and talking to God while I work.  I'll find another thing to do for the time being.  Crochet, most likely.  Hands require movement.

7.  Pastor's sermon this morning doing some heavy work in me, the kind that's made me inward turned.  And as soon as it has cleared out some of this "doggy doo" (Pastor's words), I'll have a lot to say about the poison of perfectionism and how the effort to simply move toward something right makes Him happy.

8.  I thank all of you for reading.  I can tell you are here because you give me courage.

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  1. "At the end of all things..." like Frodo and Sam. But really, what is the end of one thing but the beginning of something new? I know that the Lord will give you opportunities to work, to serve--in or out of your garden. :)

    And I would like to hear more on no. 7...when you are ready to share.