Friday, January 28, 2011

Today Brings:

1.  Two fruits of the spirit:  patience and kindness, both of which make it possible for every mother in America to get her children to school in the morning.

2.  Nora's school:  I love St. Paul's Lutheran and what Nora is learning there.  Staring out the windows of the front door at her school as I waited for her to get out of class, I thought of all the other schools settled in the middle of corn fields, the sound of children learning to add...

3.  An all orange lunch with Nora and Teagan:  It wasn't on purpose.  On the table:  mac n' cheese, tangerines, carrots, pumpkin muffins and corn (okay, corn is yellow, but close enough).  Orange is my favorite color.  Subconsciously, I must have been trying to let Teagan and Nora know how much I love them.

4.  Date night with Mom and Mike:  I have to tell you folks, I'm not sure the last time I went "out"--like, as an adult.  Chinese food.  True Grit (at the movie theatre!)  And then they left me about 20 pounds of beef for the deep freeze.  They take such good care of me, and I love them.

5.  [           :                                                 ]

6.  "I'll be fine:  The author of my life watches over me, and I have a good horse."

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  1. I love absolutely everything about this.

    An all-orange lunch. Even the food on your table is beautiful. Everything about your house is, especially the two of you that live in it.

    And I miss Nora's school. It was a fun place to be. :)