Friday, January 7, 2011

The Day that Did Not Happen

Nothing I had originally planned and scheduled happened today.  Nora was too nervous about going back to school, so we worked through that this morning.  Her doctor's appointment was postponed, and the parenting class I drove out of town to attend tonight was actually on a different night.  I caught myself humming that Easton Corbin tune "Roll With It" as I got into the car and then it came on the radio, but I was still in a terrible mood despite how I knew God was winking at me.  It's not that often that everything doesn't happen.  And it's not that often that I let a whole day go by without getting something "done."  Today was that day.  And I have been doing my best trying to be all right with this plan that was not mine because if there is one thing that today is telling me, it is this:

My days do not belong to me and the concept that I am in control of them is an egotistical illusion.  Having a calendar with plans written into them does not mean that this is what will happen.

To put it bluntly:  I am an uptight, "To Do" list addict, and God was reminding me that I'm missing the whole point entirely.  I am grateful for this kick in the (highwater) pants.

So, here are the gifts of the day that did not happen:

-Spending the evening at Mom's working on our Christmas puzzle.
-Eating with Nora, Mom, and Mike when I was just planning on skipping supper.
-The church in Geneva I visited for "no reason" had a giant painting of a tree with the word "ALIVE" written under it.  There was also a poster that said something about women being fully present as themselves in the love of Christ.  (I know he can love a heart like mine.)
-Knowing that when I pray for more of His truth to be revealed to me, He always follows through.
-The coffee and driving and space of the fields and sky as I drove toward the place I never went to.


  1. I can be very much like you: a "to-do" list addict and very uptight if things don't go according to plan. I can also be a micro-managing control freak. Thank you for this reminder that my times are in HIS hands, not mine, and that he blesses me in all things whether I realize it at the time or not.

    I needed to hear this. God is good.

  2. "God was winking at me."

    That's a downright beautiful way to capture that. I never could think of a good way to describe it. I might have to borrow that one. :)