Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Funny Because It's True

Nora while filling our homemade bean bags with beans:  "Mommy?  Do you know why they call it a funnel?"  "No, why?"  "Because it's fun."

"Grandpa, do you know that we are neighbors on a farm and the farmer lives behind us but we don't go to his house?  We just send him letters."  (I guess Lynn lives in the grain bins out back.  Nora knows not to play around them, so we have to send him "letters" instead of visiting--the rent checks that I leave in his windshield wiper on the 1st.)

Nora explaining to Grandpa that I also wear boots but they are cowGIRL boots and he has cowBOY boots:  "Do you have a pair of cowgirl boots, Nora?"  "No, because I would need to get calfgirl boots.  I'm just little."


  1. I particularly enjoy the last one. I'm going to use the word "calfgirl" as long as it's ok with Nora.

  2. you have one seriously insightful four-year-old!

    calfgirl boots... I LOVE it :D