Monday, April 23, 2012

Through Nora's Eyes

I think that this one just looks pretty.

I think this one looks cute.

And I just like this one.

This is actually my favorite toy.  And his name is Rexie.  My Grandma made Rexie.

This is my pillow pet.  His name is Ruff.

That's a craft I made at school.  

This is my mom.  

These are my shoes.

This is a friend of Rexie's.  His name is Steggie.  My grandma made him, too.

This one is what I like because this one has eggs in it, and I like eggs because they are my favorite food.

These are two of my zoobles that I have.

This is ONE of the zoobles I have.

Advice for Kids Who Would Like to Take Pictures:  You should just ask your mom if you can borrow her camera.  Uh, you just have to look around.  You can see, you can look for anything you want and then send it to Nora and Lisa, so we can check it out and make sure that, um, they took it the right way.  Any obstacle you like in your house.  You can take a picture of that.  That's everything.

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