Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So, Tell Me About Your Day

1.  We started off with coffee and ovalteen.  Nora watched this show called Kipper about a British dog and his friends.  I like it.  I read through a few devotionals, did my Bible study, prayed about a few things I'll just keep between God and me, and then got back to work grading the rest of my online class materials.  Kipper ended at the exact moment I hit "enter" for the final grade.  I was 36 hours late getting those grades turned in, but there was no other way around it.  The end of the semester has hit, and like my students, every hour is overfilled.  Even so, I know we can make it.

2.  I was caught up enough by tonight to watch American Idol with Mom and Mike.  I swore I wasn't going to get hooked this year, but I did.  I like singing.  We had Chinese for supper.  Nora's fever kicked in, and despite her refusal to admit that she is sick, she's caught a cold.

3.  I helped out with the Easter party at preschool today.  Mrs. B. should know that those kids thrive because of her gentle love, her straightforward rules, and her ministry.  I got to hide the Easter eggs around the classroom while they played outside.  I think that's number 15 on the "Best Moments Being a Mom" list.

4.  Mom, Nora and I walked around downtown York for awhile this evening.  I bought a shirt with sparkles, something I might wear on American Idol if I wasn't 5 million years over the age limit.  Nora bought a mailbox, and I found a few things she can do during church.  During church, I usually end up holding her while I attempt to hold the hymnal in the other hand.  My arms start to shake, and my hands leave sweaty wrinkles on the pages.  Usually if I tell Nora not to try to compete with Pastor Jurchen's voice, she'll talk all the louder.  I used to turn bright red, but I'm getting better at just moving like water through the hour and a half that I need so desperately but avoid at times because of the juggle between my desire to worship and the mind and body of a five year old firecracker about to go off at any minute.  Anyway, I was glad to find a few things she can do.

5.  And now it's the end of the day.  We're in the guest bedroom at Mom's house, and I'll get up around 6:30 or so tomorrow, climb into my truck and drive off to school where we'll put on a production of "Trifles" and my writing class will continue to debate research topics.  (Side note:  I found a thank-you note in my school mailbox from a student on Tuesday, and I'm thankful, too.)

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