Monday, April 16, 2012

Teagan's Hamster Handbooks (Plural)

A few weeks back, our good friend Teagan came to visit.  She has a beautiful eye.  If you'd like to look through it, go here:

After holding Nora's pet hamster Henrietta, Teagan began to wonder out loud if a hamster was something she might want in the future.  Nora had a lot of advice, and we made a cardboard hamster puppet for Teagan to practice feeding--just to make sure she would be responsible enough for the real thing.  I haven't heard how it's going, but I'm hoping the little cardboard hamster head is still alive.  Anyway, Nora has composed a three part guide about hamster care for you, Teagan.  Here it is.  Oh, and be sure to click on the photos, so you can read Nora's comments:


  1. This is adorable! Such good advice!

  2. This is good stuff. Does she have a "How to care for your children" book coming? I could use that, especially if it has "Caution" pages.

  3. oh, oh my! Dear Nora: this is one of the most helpful how-to books I've ever seen! I hope that anyone that is thinking about getting a hamster gets to meet you and read your books and learn from your wisdom. My cardboard Sweetie Pie is doing great - I usually remember to feed her. It is good that I'm practicing with cardboard, though, because some times I still forget.

    Tonight before I go to sleep, I will be praying for you & Henrietta, thanking God that I know the two of you and asking Him to always be with you.