Monday, April 9, 2012


1.  Nora sneaking a bite of guacamole before saying grace, then asking if she could say it:  "Thank you for this food, especially good food like what we're having tonight.  And please take care of my mom and guide her in the right way.  Amen."   (I always ask to be guided in the right way when it's my turn to pray, so she must have wanted to be sure that one got covered.)

2.  Getting cut working in the garden and Nora washing and bandaging it after being sure to wash her hands "so all those germs don't get in there."

3.  Nora and I pounding tacks every foot then throwing an orange ball of yarn back and forth across the row as we wove the grid for the first section that now holds the potatoes and onions we planted.

4.  A hot bath and a book.

5.  Digging up the "black gold" from the bottom of the compost pit and mixing it in with the other dirt.  Watching it turn from light brown to blackish brown.

6.  Wind that puts your thoughts back in line.

7.  [                                                                                     ]

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