Monday, February 27, 2012

What's Big at the Farm? Yep. Dinosaurs.

"You know you're eating a dinosaur right now?"
I look down at my chicken strip then back up at Nora, incredulous.
"Chickens are dinosaurs."

That's right, folks.  Dinosaur fever has broken loose here at our household.  Saturday we visited the museum at UNL filled with bones and display cases and...

I loved it.  I realized while walking through that I don't get out much.  I could feel entire regions of wonder lighting up in my brain.  This feels good, I thought to myself as I stared up and through the graceful curl of mastodon tusks, wondered at the fossilized trilobites, turned bright inside like the minerals that glowed under the black light.

Today Nora and I played our version of The Dinosaurs Meet the Ice Age.  Here you go.  And, yes, that is a frozen block of ice.  We had to plan ahead for this one.  "Gee, Carl.  What is that?"  "Um, I think it's a giant ice cube, Larry."  "We're doomed!  DOOMED!"

Reminder to self:  Be wondered by life because this is part of knowing God.

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  1. So great! We love the dinosaur museum and used to be members because Hannah was dino-obsessed at age 3. We could not get her to watch anything on TV but the Land Before Time. :)