Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's Talk Seed Catalogs

Last year's garden, like most of us, endured a few challenges.  First there were the aphids that attacked the potatoes and the organic death spray I used to kill the potatoes because I failed to read the label:

"Warning:  This spray effectively kills anything you use it on, including your garden.  But, hey, you don't have aphids anymore, right?"

And then there was the decorative gourd...incident.  I can't even talk about it.  I would be eating zucchini bread right now if  1/3 of the garden hadn't found itself infested with all that "pretty, inedible squash."  If I want to see an inedible squash, I'll watch Veggie Tales.   I don't need it in my garden. 

I feel like I'm right on the verge of being funny, but I'm too tired to break the humor sound barrier.

I guess you'll just have to settle for an informative blog post tonight.

I'm taking a gardening class next week.  (To All Y'all gals who wanted to join, I think it's through Southeast Community College, and happens the evening of the 15th.  I wish it would have been on the 14th.  That would have solved a lot of problems for me...but I digress.)  We'll be learning about raised beds, soil mixes, crop rotation, vertical gardening, and staggered planting.  I have tell you, just writing those words makes me happy.  I need as much happy as I can get because I've been burning the useless "why can't I be better/perfect" oil lately, and this is a sure sign that someone has had too much time indoors.

The seed catalogs speak to me about being lifted from this white expanse into something I can sing about.

In the meantime, I'm going to rearrange these gourds.


  1. This is pretty ironic, since I've been dying to talk to you about my seed catalog that I suspect you gifted me with. (and if you did- thank you!)

    I have my space planned out, and my catalog all marker-ed up!) just need a few tips on selection and canning purposes.

    And.... February 14th ain' got nothing on you, girl. Or me. The only thing that matters is God's love anyway, and His never fails- even if loved ones forget to buy flowers or chocolate. Thankfully, God never forgets. You are LOVED. ;)

  2. You broke the humor barrier. I was chuckling. :)

    Also, I agree with Jessica: You're loved, every day, by a lot of people. And I hope I make that clear on a regular basis, and not just on February 14.