Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abstractions and other Groovy Things

I like:

John Cage saying there are two things that never need to explain themselves:  music and laughter, and then he busts up on film, and I catch it, too, shoulders shaking with the kind of laughing you do in movie theaters--all movement and no sound.

Driving home and deciding to listen to static because it's better than anything else on the dial.  And I'm just listening to sound, and there's something liberating about not having to "think" something about it.

How clear 34 is today.  I drove back an forth between York and Seward twice today and will do it again tomorrow, and I just want to hug a snowplow.

National Geographic.

And I love:

The Valentine Nora gave me today, made secretly under the craft room table, and she's drawn an eye, a heart and a stick figure.  Loud and clear, honey.  Loud and clear.

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