Sunday, February 19, 2012

What My Fortune Cookies Said

Love her until her hurt passes.

Heart singing is the most important thing.

Crocus in February are an early promise of Spring's light.

If you are afraid of the dark, sleep with the light on.

You don't need a saw to use a tree.

Sometimes you don't add enough liquid to the crockpot.  Remember next time.

Tears help you do your emotional laundry but not your actual laundry.  For that you need a deep anger directed toward grime.

Out of cookies?  What about this one?

Instead of paying millions for the scarce, pay for your abundance with thanksgiving.

Worship the abundant rather than the scarce and you will always hear the joysong.

Sometimes your kids will freak out.  Don't join them.

Thinking you aren't smart enough to do your job is a sign of depression.  Thinking you are still learning and young enough to do better in a few years is a sign of health.

Face it.  You like cheese.

Most of the time, the reasons you find for not doing what is right are BS.  Use all of it to compost something fertile in your life and in the lives of others rather than wasting time (after you've made right and asked for forgiveness) counting how many cowpies are out there in your field.  (This was a particularly large fortune cookie.)

There's nothing wrong with the occasional Hallmark movie marathon.  It only takes a little warmth to melt a cold heart.

Your ukulele band is awesome.  Just thought you should know.

Martha.  Martha.  Martha.

Your seeds are in the mail.  Love, God.

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  1. Which Chinese restaurant are you eating at? I need more fortune cookies like these. Good food for a Sunday night. Thanks and love from all the way over here.