Sunday, December 4, 2011

Write it down; Make it happen.

Get right with food because this is a temple.
Write three "morning pages" each day. 
Try harder to understand what I'm reading in the Bible.  (Okay, back up.  Pray for help understanding what I'm reading.)
Pick up the guitar instead of x, y, and z  at least once a day.
Read a novel.  Really.  I promise you'll be able to concentrate.
Hand it over.  Let it be done.
Plan next year's garden.
Write down the recipe for the batch of chicken dumplings I made tonight because that was good food.
Buy something I can pickle.  I've been missing my late night canning quiet time with God.
Finish all the little projects that need doing around here--paint the mud room, put up tile behind the oven...
Now that it's officially winter, I suppose I should try to prune the trees in the orchard.
Did I say exercise yet?  Yeah.  I didn't think so.
Back off and let Nora become the person God made her.  Don't panic when she gets upset.
Clip pictures and articles that inspire me.  Try to remember that there is this thing God gives us and it's called JOY.
Crochet more.  Watch more television.  (I know.  This seems weird, but this is honestly a better alternative than sitting around trying to figure everything out.)
Look for some short stories with happy endings for my Intro to Lit classes.
Make my own soap.
Make my own candles.
Make my own soap candles.  Nothing says "clean" like a fire.
Address the fact that I am not an informed citizen.  I just have a hard time seeing all these arguments as being worth the attention...because what is news but so many people finding it impossible to love each other?   I don't have any answers, so I work on the microcosmic level.  As I said before, I just don't have any answers.  But I'm beginning to feel like this isn't really true either.
Start a poetry group at a women's shelter.  This is one answer.

Thank you for indulging me...sometimes a list is a sign of hope, yes?  I mean, you don't write a grocery list unless you plan on make a few meals.

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