Monday, June 6, 2011

Today's Little Things

1.  Day One:  VBS at St. Paul's.  The theme?  Jungle Adventure.  Nora:   One happy lion.

2.  The driver's side window has been giving me trouble for awhile now and finally fell off the tracks, disappearing into some unknown region inside the door.  Armed with a power drill and a refusal to pay someone else to do something I just might be able to do, I took off the door panel and managed to get the window back on track.  I'm covered in tar and scrapes and a couple of bruises, but it was worth it just to throw my hat up in the air and holler once I heard it catch and lift back into place.

3.  I'll get you a picture soon.  The garden is...  Is.  I put down a drip line around the tomatoes and cucumbers and went searching for straw to mulch.  No luck, but I might have a source around here.

4.  A car ride with three kids on the way to McDonald's.  We're making up different "emotion/object meals" we could have once we get there.  One wants a Grumpy Kid Meal.  Another wants a Shirt Meal.  And the third has requested a Bug Meal.  I mistakenly ordered the fish sandwich with cheese only to find they'd only put half a slice on it.  I don't usually complain, but if I would have wanted half a slice of cheese, I'm sure I would have specified.  I guess I got the Grumpy Kid Meal, too.

5.  Nora has been obsessed with Phineas and Ferb this summer.  It could be the summer vacation theme.  It could be the kids inventing impossible things theme.  It could be that there's a secret agent platypus in it.  Whatever the case, she loves it, so tonight, I made her a Phineas doll.  When she wakes up, this is what she'll find.  Yes, he's naked.  No comment.

6.  Okay, the truth is I just ran out of energy to sew clothes for him tonight.  I'd better not hear this used as an excuse for this type of situation in the future.

7.  Ukulele band practice coming up soon.  Yes.

8.  Nora actually ate carrots and spinach tonight.  Yes, I had to pretend to be a bunny the entire meal, but it was worth it.

9.  [                                                                                                             ]

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