Saturday, June 18, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

I can stand leaning on the fence staring at the garden for a good, long time.  I like good, long times.  We don't get enough of those these days.  I'm stunned by this growth in the same way I'm stunned by Nora.  How good, how necessary:  something I had my hand in, but something that is not me.  I can tend them and nurture them and love them, but I have no way of making Nora or the seed grow into anything other than what they were made to be:  beautiful, other, difficult, challenging, not-me.  And, oh, how I give thanks for the chance to love this much, where I am pulled out of my own small life into living.  Each day, I am learning something God wants me to know even when, especially when, it takes me a good, long time to understand it.

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  1. "I am pulled out of my own small life into living." I think that's what it takes, sometimes, for us to really live: to become more focused on the lives of others than on our own. I need that reminder on a regular basis!