Sunday, June 5, 2011

Digging My Fingers In

The exhaustion of the dirt and sun and the work of two women bent over the rows, building a family's health, but even more than that--rooting themselves in faith.  Because these gardens are established in faith.  Who would believe that something so small, so light, so insignificant could feed the entire world?  You, seed, are how I see God working in me, root and blossom.  The Word in me may only be a couple lines glanced over while on the way to the kitchen sink, but how those words sink into me.  Yes.  More of this please, Lord.   And if I think on those words, tend them, water them with suffering, warm them with joy and believe.  If I trust, then this root is established.

Today, Pastor Blanco spoke of becoming established.  I've heard that word used so many times, and it hit me--the epiphany, the showing forth--don't weed the carrots because they aren't established yet.  And there I was, bent over my life trying to pick through the parts I wanted to keep and the parts I wanted to pull and toss.  But I'm not established yet--and this premature sorting could prove fatal to that which allows me to root, to establish, to grow in this fertile plot grace upon grace.

And I am so tired right now after this good day of work.  Words are hard to find.  So, this is less poetry than it is the thinking behind something that will grow.  Of this I am absolutely certain.  Thank you for these lessons today.

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