Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Say "Thank you."

 1.  Nora's temperature went up to 104.3 last night.  Mom and I cooled and comforted.  Today, her voice is still raspy, but she is at least back to a normal temperature for human beings.

2.  The tornado that passed didn't hurt anyone.  My mom wants me to tell everyone that she was using the zoom lens on that picture.  It just looked like we were close to a tornado.  We were actually a whole 6 miles away.

3.  No, I'm never alone.  I know this.  Sometimes God and I argue about how my life should be unfolding.   I'm sure you know what I mean.  Anyway, I figured out how to quiet that voice, the one that said everything would just go to waste:

You are officially invited to visit all summer and harvest some fresh, organic veggies for you and your family or a family you know who is in need.  I'll teach you how to pick green beans and lettuce.  In season right now:  buttercrunch lettuce, dill, cilantro, mulberries, radishes.  If I've got some baked goods, I'll probably make you take some of those, too.  Please share with me the gifts that God has given.  Nothing ever goes to waste as long as we make sure not to keep it to ourselves or fail to plant it in the first place.

Things to look forward to later in the summer:  Canning demonstrations (salsa, jam), lessons about how to save your own seeds, planning and planting your own garden, soap making, crochet.  If you live far away, we have a guest room and plenty of open space for pitching tents, too.

4.  So, I'm working on earning merit badges for this farmgirl league of which I've been a member for over a year now.  I recently earned 5 new ones for all sorts of little things, but as you know, the little things add up to an entire life.  Anyway, it's just a small thing, but having a list of skills to learn (tying knots, building things from scratch, planting seeds, sewing, canning...there's even a grammar badge!)--well, it's helping me a lot.  I'm a sucker for practical knowledge, and I think we should all have some of these skills in our "how to" toolbelts.  And for all of you women in our local chapter, let's get together soon!  I've ordered all the books we need to complete many of the badges, and I can't wait to sit for a spell with all of you.  And if any of you out there reading this think you'd like to join or start your own chapter, let me know.  Honestly.  This is good stuff.

5.  And:


  1. Thanks! And thanks for writing. Glad to hear Nora is back to normal. I wouldn't mind joining this farmgirl league... :)

  2. Oh my gosh - Scott and I have a tent that's never been slept in. He doesn't exactly love the prospect of camping, but if it could be in somebody's yard where there's a real shower in the morning...this has good things written all over it.

  3. So many things that you shared make my heart ever so thankful, too. I'm glad you are all okay.

    And I miss you, dear friend. I'm excited to only be a few short weeks away from being kind of a neighbor. :)

  4. This is wonderful!! Praise God for giving you this idea and opportunity. I actually don't know where your house is, but boy do I want to visit sometime soon!! (I'd also LOVE to have you and Nora here, when she's all better. Poor baby!!)

    What a wondrous thing, that God has given you this opportunity to be a blessing to so many. He is working in and through and for you, Lisa!! :) :)