Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Picture is Worth

Mom's heart made an Inspiration Tree for Nora.  

The seed words emerge from the gritty brown page.  This is a story told again and again, one that starts, "Time was...there was a seed that was a seed before it was a seed and before that, it was the Maker's word for seed and the Maker's dream of filling us with the poem the seed would recite on the plate when time was dinner."

A robin has adopted the garden.  Naturally, we named him George Harrison.  He played with me today, hopping between the beds.  I'd spray him with water.  He'd fly up and come back down talking.  A little later he came back with a worm and showed it off for a long time.  The cats came.  There was a skirmish in the forsythia and one of George's friends lost his life.  When I ran after the cat afraid it was George, I realized that I had already become attached.  

And this one here, you can't see it, so you'll just have to believe me when I say, "So Beautiful." 

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