Saturday, December 4, 2010


Up early to read more of Matthew and stunned by "At which point did you doubt?"  The feet slipping beneath the surface, the hand extended.

Grading in bed, I wait to open the blinds until well into the morning.

Finally up and showered while playing Arcade Fire as loudly as possible and dancing in the kitchen as a way to summon my strength, warn the enemy that I am stomping and I am dancing, grabbing my keys and out the door to McDonald's because "the Inn at Panama was full" to find Cody and Adam and a large fry and coffee as we discuss their writing, which is inspiring to me.

I get a migraine and have to wait until the sparkly blind spot moves out of my field of vision, so I can drive.

Nora and I return home for an afternoon of pretending to be elves wrapping Christmas presents.

Sitting outside in the dead, yellow grass, singing to the 7 yellow farm cats as I explain to Nora that they are sitting there with their backs to us as a way to test us, see if we'll attack.  Eventually they turn around and watch us through half-closed eyes.  One rolls onto her back, and I figure it will take a few more days of this until one of them finally approaches.  I feel like I'm in a movie called Dances with Farm Cats.

Playing kitties and mommy kitties.  Nora sticking her tummy out.  My fat cat.

Crocheting, eating ice cream and pretzels, watching the game.

And that was the day, beautiful, beautiful day.


  1. That certainly sounds beautiful.

    Minus the migraine.

    "Dances with Farm Cats." Hm. That sounds like a great title for a poem. Including the bit about Nora. :)

  2. ocular migraines? My brother gets those.

    I'm glad you had a lovely day. Was Christmas at Concordia part of your weekend?

  3. Michelle--I was thinking more on the level of a 4 hour epic film staring Nora, me and the farm cats--and possibly Kevin Costner, if he isn't touring with his band, that is.

    Jaimie-I didn't know they had a special name, so I looked it up. And, yeah, that's what I have. I've gotten them on and off since I was in college. At first, it scared me, but now I know to just sit still for about 30 minutes, and my vision eventually goes back to normal. What does your brother do for them? I wish Christmas at Concordia had been part of my went fast this year...

  4. "as a way to summon my strength, warn the enemy that I am stomping and I am dancing"

    Me too, my friend. Me too.