Sunday, October 17, 2010

Voice. So it is.

Partly the fear of this space has had to do with claiming a particular voice.  Because voice is character and characters have conflicts, I have avoided this voice.  Because conflicts lead to epiphanies and epiphanies lead to action, I have avoided this voice.

I am (passive voice), I think, perhaps I might be ready to.  Write.


  1. Does it encourage you or intimidate you to have "followers," because I can't decide yet. :)

    I hope it's encouragement.

  2. A wise, beautiful woman once told me that when we feel like we can't write, the biggest obstacle we face is just beginning.

    You've already taken that first step, brave soul. Keep it up.

    Carpe Diem.

  3. I agree with Teagan's comment. I use wordpress so it's a little different... but my "followers" don't just click a button that puts their picture up on the side of my screen; they walk up to me on Sunday morning and let me know they look everyday to see if I've posted something. Again, I agree with Teagan... not sure to be encouraged or intimidated.

  4. Feeling fully loved and encouraged to have "followers" and friends.

  5. Te seguire con mi toda corazon.

  6. Then I shall follow: in cyberspace as well as real life.

    You are someone whose words I am privileged to read and will daily look forward to reading!