Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Letter Revised for My Many Sisters (and the men who love them)

And, sisters, be careful of the things you purchase that require mending for there will be a hefty amount of mending to do anyway--the skinned knees, the heart broken, the bread burned, and the moments that slip away before you've had a chance to string them together in a meaningful, unforgettable way. 

And while you have been given the gift of repair, the gift of needle and thread made of your tears and your deep knowing ways, take a moment to consider your own stitches, unraveling in places, held strong in others and take the time to meet God at those places, to hold those places to you as a garment fit for a queen.  For while you are made mostly of the strong stitches, the open places, the tears and unraveling allow you to breathe, to cry openly, to make something new from the places you have come apart.  We reconnect.  We recover.  We remember and we receive.

I wanted to also warn you that you may be inclined to become too attached to what you do, looking to it as if it is who you are.  And while we should always honor the gift of our work and do those works with all our hearts--the work of the daughter, the mother, the sister, the learner, the teacher, the work of the painter, the poet, and the wife--do not forget that before you are any of those things, you belong to God and your purpose is to love Him with all your being.  For when you trust Him and love Him, you will find solace anytime you feel you have fallen short as a daughter, a mother, as a wife or a sister.   As I've grown older, I've come to realize that those titles, the ones that women so often cling to like a life raft--student, teacher, waitress--they are momentary occupations.  Don't worry, my dears.  Don't worry.


  1. Gorgeous. Yes. True freedom comes only when you let go of the illusions and find strength in the only thing that's real--Spirit, God, Source,'ve said this beautifully. I've never felt more free in my life than when all of the self-definitions failed and failed again, and finally, when I stopped trying to get those definitions back, I found a strength and freedom that surpassed everything. I have never known such joy, and I have never been so impervious to fear (on my good days, which are increasing in number exponentially.) I love you, Lisa, my soul sister!

  2. The above comment is actually from Johannah--I forgot about my pseudonym, Olivine. The nice thing is that when you give up the external definitions, you can be playful with your identity. Olivine is my superhero name.

  3. I don't know egsactly the words I would like to use to explain what I feel. I envy or look up to or yurn for the faith you have. I read this and thought I wish I had someone to tell me this. I wish I also could let the things of this world go and just rely on god but I dont have faith that is as strong as stainless steal my faith is like a pare of old geens worn and torn by what life has done to them and for some reason I wont let the wear and tear be mended because in the wear and tear I was hurt. Your posts for some reason make me be extremly vulnerable but I wish I had the faith, love,strength that you have or even someone to encourage me in my walk.