Sunday, October 24, 2010

Light and Its Current Location

This is a list of "little things" that relate to my current location, but this location is much more multi-dimensional than I can explain.   But that's no excuse for "not trying" to explain.

1.  I am relieved to have a soundtrack to my life right now.  

"It's not so impossible...It's a long life.  Better pinch yourself."
"Get real.  Get right with the Lord."
"I love you."

I'm thrilled knowing that Sufjan Stevens' newest album Age of Adz has hit #7 on the Billboard charts.  I can already tell you what position it's hit for me:  somewhere between #1 and a little bit above that.  OK.  I know he uses auto-tune, but it's SARCASTIC auto-tune.  There's a difference.  

2.  Nora's daily exclamations:  "I'm as stiff as a rock!"  
We spend about 20 minutes everyday working out the tangles in her hair.  There is no work greater than the work I do to serve her: the cups of cold water, the meals made, all the nighttime stories, pretending the same scene again and again until her imagination is real, until my real is imagination.

3.  I work with and teach and learn from such remarkable people--funny, smart, gentle, and alive.

4.  There is a sort of scientific miracle I'm learning to look for in strange variations in the light.  I've documented them:
  • the underwater waves of the electric red eyes dancing on the side of the boxcars as the train passes at night 
  • the rainbows I find on my spoon, the dish water, the kitchen walls cast from the prism in my window
  • the lambency of light passing through the tree leaves landing in our hands on the couch
  • a path of light on the tile floor in TLEC that moves beneath my feet no matter where I place them
  • certainly the moon racing down the railroad track alongside my car like Charlie Chaplan's hat always kicked out of reach
  • the light of the moon through the screen door, through the windmill, through me
  • the refraction of light through tears growing like frost on a window pane as I squint my eyes
  • All Christmas lights

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  1. Lisa,

    There's this passage in 2 Corinthians about Jesus being the light that shines out of the darkness of our hearts. Surely our God is the source of all that is bright, all that glows noticeably in the dim places we settle for so often. What gets to me is that not only is He the Light of the world, but He is also the Light of our hearts. His face peers into our hearts of darkness and shines from within each of us, bathing you and me and all His children in his brilliance from the inside out.

    I loved the part of your post where you listed all of the places you've noticed light settling in your world. His Light will follow you because it is within you. Your writing is an exquisite example of this.

    I love you:)