Monday, November 22, 2010

Adventures and Rest

Nora and I have been knocked out with a pretty hefty flu for the last week.  Thankfully, Nora is doing much better after being put on some antibiotics a few days back.  (And, yes, I finally made an appointment for myself.  The Smith in me doesn't do doctors.  Or dentists.  We pull our own teeth and walk off broken bones.  It's genetic, I'm sure.)  It's been so hard to sit still.  With plans for Christmas cookies on hold and four solid days in pajamas (tomorrow I am definitely putting on some "daytime" clothes, possibly mascara), I got in bed tonight feeling like I'd about seen enough of that bed when suddenly this random thought appeared:  Watch Alice In Wonderland, you know, the new one with Johnny Depp.

And I did, and here's what I'm thinking:  What would my life look like if I viewed it as some amazing adventure that required that I find my own "vorpal sword" and with it faced at least 6 things I thought were impossible before breakfast, even a frumious bandersnatch?

At one point in the movie, the Mad Hatter tells Alice that she has lost much of her muchness.  Basically, he's saying that when she was a child, she was much braver, but somehow the (adult) world had made her a coward, somehow less of what she was made to be.  What was I made to be?  How can I be brave?  What does it mean that I was made with courage?  What should I do with it?  Where is my help needed?  Open my eyes, so that I might do this work.

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